Pura Spring water gets its extras from its journey to filtrate by slowly traveling through rocks of the Mountains of Gilgit. Which add trace minerals to water such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium. And also zinc, while eliminating undesired contaminants from water. This process makes spring water naturally alkaline. The mountains give our water the purity it needs.



At PURA SPRING, we have always been driven by an “PRESERVE THE NATURE'S MIRACLE”, Which forms the cornerstone of our existence. When drawing water from the PURASPRING source. And we have always taken care to maintain its natural replenishment to ensure its continued availability, both today and in the future.
So, The quality of our water starts with the quality of our processing from the Natural Springs to our esteemed consumers. Everything in nature is intertwined: if we are to preserve PURASPRING natural premium spring water. Which is in the vast mountains of GILGIT-BALTISTAN. So, It is vital that we protect the resources and for that we have been certified to process the units as per international. And W.H. O standards practicing all its quality controlled measures.
We are now aiming to build on that progress by focusing. Our efforts on introducing planet's finest water for your healthy lifestyle. So for healthy living, we would always recommend to DRINK PURASPRING.