Water sustains life, but safe and clean drinking water defines civilizations. And Despite these facts, there are inequalities in access to safe drinking water. Here we bring you the purest form of drinking water, right from Gilgit Baltistan. We believe in purity with better taste and accessibility.



Pura spring water meets all the basic standards, norms. So, Criterion and indicators for healthy Drinking Water. We assure the delivery of authentic, transparent and aesthetically pleasing drinking water to consumers. Pura spring water from Gilgit-Baltistan. Because it Contains all the minerals from the world's purest classified mountains, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium. And a certain amount of iron. Pura spring source contains 150 to 280 total dissolved material. Sometimes a day-to-day diet is not sufficient or cannot meet the required nutrients in your body. Also We assure the intake of Pura Spring water, which is full of minerals and required nutrients that can give you a healthy life.

Water is an essential nutrient for all known forms of life and the mechanisms by which food and electrolyte homeostasis is maintained in humans are well understood. Until recently our exploration of water requirements has been guided by the need to avoid adverse conditions such as dehydration. By drinking a certain amount of water on a day-to-day basis, you can avoid dehydration.


Basic Requirement

The amount of water needed to replace losses is the absolute requirement. Whereas requirements are not predictable except under controlled conditions, are standards to be used in the assessment and planning of diet for individuals and for different age groups.

Athletes, like military personnel, are professions where hydration status is critical to performance. Considerable research has been conducted to explore the measurement and the consequences of dehydration during physical performance, as well as strategies and recommendations for fluid intake including drinking water. Athletes are commonly instructed to replace body water loss (measured by a change in body weight) during training and competition with an amount of fluid that is equal to the amount lost. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the exercise routine gives you more energy.

Hydration for Athletes

puraspring water

The human body better absorbs calcium from mineral springs than it does from milk or supplements. So, We can spring water is not a fad. Pura spring water comes directly from naturally protected underground sources. And, the minerals are produced organically by the water itself, rather than added later.

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